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How to get listed in my Link Directory!

You will bring more traffic to your site.


How it works:


Reciprocal linking is a great way to generate traffic and better search engine positioning for both of us, including Google PageRank.  If you have a site that you think fits on my directory, just follow the instructions and I will give you a link under the appropriate category. 


You can suggest a category if it isn't listed; however only links that have to do with Dating, men's advice, men's interests, self improvement and the like will be approved.  All links will be manually approved.




1.  Simply copy and paste the code below somewhere onto your website. 

Here is a description you can use which is optional


2.  Send me an email (rion@modelmagnet.com subject: Link Exchange Request) containing:


                              -The URL where you put my link

                              -The Title of your site

                              -The URL of your site

                              -A short description I can put up with it

                              -The Category you would like to be listed under on the Link Directory


3.  I will respond to you as soon as possible once I have put your link up (after having seen my link up on your site).


I'm glad we can 'do business' together,


Rion Williams




p.s. I have the right to take down any links which I think may be inappropriate or if I find my link has been taken down after a while on your site.  I'll leave yours up once approved most likely, so do the same!


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