M    E    N    S    G    U    I    D    E    T    O    W    O    M    E    N    .    C    O    M

Everything you currently know or have been taught about dating

and having success with women is limiting your success massively...


Why do Hot Women act the way they do towards you?  What is going on?!

There is a lot that is going on that up until now, hasn't been

explained by even the top dating experts and gurus.


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From: Rion Williams

October 26, 2006

3:27 AM



Do you think you can BE that man?  I am talking about becoming a pure natural that is SO good with women, you have to keep them from bugging you to sleep with you again.


I'm talking about having more success by using FEWER pick up lines and techniques and being the one that women actually fight over to get despite your looks.


You CAN be this man and skyrocket your success to unparalleled levels with women everywhere you go.


This is a LEVERAGE of power (pure natural) that even the top seducers have not harnessed because they don't understand it.  I want to teach you success on a level that is almost unnatural, if you'll open your mind up for a few minutes...this info could really change your life and add unlimited value to your lifestyle.


This whole style and foundation I like to call being an 'uber-player'; a man who is so natural and fearless around women and who knows how to naturally attract and keep women in his orbit wherever he goes.


In order to reach this shamanistic level of success with women you're going to need some massive leverage of change in order to connect with some important and overlooked factors. 


You're going to have to align yourself with multiple levels of reality and truly discover 'what women want' as well.


Even learning pickup lines and techniques will NOT give you this level of power and effectiveness, but you ARE in the right place right now to start to achieve this level of success and fearlessness when it comes to dealing with women and getting laid.


You don't have to learn things that feel uncomfortable either because you will be empowered in who you are (just as honey herself is empowered).


Getting accustomed to using seduction techniques and pick up lines IS NOT the pure answer to your REAL success; there is a power that is yours that is much greater which until now, no one has even discovered or brought up in it's raw form.


Don't you deserve to have your definition of 'relationships' with the kind of women you REALLY want?  What has been stopping you?  Does it feel awkward and unnatural when dealing with beautiful women? 


Do you get rejected when you do try?


Hey, someone's got to 'date' these beautiful women and it may as well be YOU instead of the emotionally unhealthy, ignorant 'jerk' that she always seems to attract. 


You're a great guy with a lot to offer.  She DESERVES a man like you

in fact she desperately wants a man like you to sleep with and more.


If you'll read along for the next several minutes, you're going to start to discover today's 'Great Dating Paradox' and then how you can have beautiful, sexy and even intelligent women wanting to be around you and have sex with a man like you because you give them the feelings of desire and fulfillment that they can't explain. 


There is a science to this and everything that is happening is not by accident.


When you leave your success to the variable results of seduction, pickup, NLP, etc. you are going to get a lot more rejection to get fewer results than with what I can teach you.


I will start opening your mind to the greatest breakthrough ever in this history of our modern social dynamics and dealing with women.  I can show you how you can live the life of your dreams while becoming a more aligned and centered man. 


What makes me worthy to teach you?  Unlike most seduction gurus who were frustrated with women and not had any success and then had a breakthrough, I have had natural success with beautiful women (if you signed up for my email list I will tell you more through time)..


I had a chance to skim your book, and it has me intriguedA lot of books I actually skim and just decide that they are regurgitated info from our site, other methods, etc...


..I was impressed by the global perspective in particular...I'm curious how you came to have this global perspective (I probably missed that while skimming).


                                             -Rey, FastSeduction.com


More Statements coming soon!


So are you ready? 


If you feel you don't 'deserve' to have beautiful quality women in your life, then you should leave now or be the one who reads EVERY line of this page. 


Even if you are only an 'average' looking guy or less,


there are now opportunities where you can 'score' some of the hottest women due to a very specific reason (which I can tell you later).  I am talking about pure

Natural Success with Women


What you thought was 'real' is only covering up something much deeper, much more important that causes women to react to you often without you even saying ANYTHING.

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So what's the holdup from having relationships with these types of beautiful women?  Do they sometimes not give you more than the time of day even if you are a good-looking guy?


Does it still feel like something 'wasn't right'?  That you can't explain why women treat you like this and why it's so hard to have success with beautiful women?


Yes, it's true: what you have been taught (even the stuff you thought was good) and how you have behave(d) is still massively limiting your REAL success with women.


I want to let you in on something maybe only a handful of people in the world truly understand.  This starts to explain why you're having such a hard time having success with women.  First, let me tell you


 the Great Paradox of our Modern Dating Culture:


Frustrated Men: "What's wrong with women today? I'm a good catch."

Frustrated Women: "Where are all the real men?"  


Could it be, el Guapo, that she hasn't been opening her flower petals to you? 


You ARE a real man aren't you?  Of course.  But there are a lot of things that are going on which really explain our modern social dating/mating dynamics that are really hindering your success MASSIVELY and if you can't 'see it' you're going to continue to have lackluster success. 


This paradox is becoming an ever-growing concern because both men and women are frustrated. 


But once you understand all of the contexts involved, you will be able to give today's beautiful women what 'they want' as well as fulfilling your desires.  You can be 'their greatest catch'.


This is the thought that is confusing American men, like yourself (and me previously), "Why do women treat us the way they do and act all stuck up?"


Well, I'll start it by saying:


Here's that little secret I was going to tell you:


You have been 'programmed' by society to live in a 'Forced Reality' without your conscious knowledge, in which you are left mostly powerless and ineffective against beautiful women.  YES, IT IS REAL and it exists.  You are so much a part of it that you can't see it and it defines your method of dealing with women. 


If you don't understand or see the 'Forced Reality' you won't be able to tap into your REAL power when it comes to having success with women because it has flipped everything around.  A beautiful woman's behavior patterns are a part of this 'Forced Reality'.


So what about pick-up lines, seduction techniques, and all that? 


Too much work.  It's like you have to 'try' too much.  Worse yet; women KNOW that something creepy is going on or that you have a 'hidden agenda'. 


You know why?  Because those exact techniques (seduction, PUA's, etc.) are ALL byproducts of the 'forced reality'.  This means that if you spend massive time on them, you still are just fighting against what works the absolute best which you aren't even aware of yet.


"What about just being a normal guy?"  "Why does she blow me off?"  "Why won't she call back?"


Well, there is also something else that is going on inside you that you can't control unless you have a greater knowledge and awareness BECAUSE you are in the 'Forced Reality' which I will start to explain.


Let me tell you, if you're buying her things...Hey, It's NOT about money (remember, 'Love don't cost a thing').  There are a LOT of bad connotations that will happen actually (whether you know it or not) when you start 'buying her things' and paying for her attention or affection. 


What I'm talking about is so far from that, money is a virtual non-issue.  It's not that you're cheap; it's just that it's the wrong thing to be focused on anyways and although her social persona wants the world on a silver platter, her biological self knows that love don't cost a thing (I've proven this many times over in my life)


This is a true and real part of a woman and I believe it (unfortunately in a long term relationship their social persona brings other drama into the picture, think 'J.Lo'...more on this later).


Why does meeting women and starting something have to be so difficult?!?  Well..


When you see a hot woman...


you slip into her beauty spell ("Daammmmm...girl.) and because of our 'Forced Reality', women have behavior patterns that respond in a certain way which has previously been stopping or massively limiting your success. 


I could say that 'you can't show you're interested in a girl' which is generally true when dealing with these women but that isn't even the scratch of the scratch of the surface of what you can really know about what works. 


Too many 'nice guys' throw themselves at her mercy.  Just because you're sexually attracted to her does NOT mean she is attracted to you.


This is just 'creepy' or 'boring' to them.  You can't just know "how to" respond to this bulletproof "queen bee" social persona of hers, you have to know where it came from, why she is there, and then wipe it out completely.  I can show you how to easily get rid of all of this drama 'front' and communicate to her in a way that she will respect you.


Our modern social dynamics have shifted everything and if you want maximum success with women, you're going to have to understand what the heck is going on and

'What women want'


All of those approaches and 'methods' to meeting women are a byproduct of this 'Forced Reality' and hardly even exist in other cultures (I can teach you cultural differentiation). 


Are you trying to 'DATE' beautiful women?  The way you're doing it is probably not only limiting your chance for sex with most of these women but stopping you from having other opportunities anyways.


Oh boy...you'd better keep reading definitely then because things and times have changed.  Dating itself has changed into a 50/50 power struggle where you become more oppressed as a man while she brings so much drama to the table and into your life.


Women are bored to death of 'nice guys' trying to 'court' them and buy them things or take them out to eat.


What today's so called 'experts' are teaching


is only getting moderate success, and even at it's best, cannot compare to a whole different paradigm where you are aligned naturally with what she wants and responds to anyways (often uncontrollably).


And 'Mr. Nice Guy' doesn't cut it.  Even dating experts have not yet realized that a woman is sick of the 'courting' approach.  She is young, wild, independent and free and wants a man who understands how to be a man WITHOUT all of the leech-sucking weight he brings to the table by calling her 30 times a day. 


She is getting lonelier and hornier despite her rough social persona exterior that shoots down all these boring guys that keep coming after her.  SAVE HER and rescue her from her misery!  I will teach you how to save her and fulfill her inner desires as you easily get past her bulletproof social persona.. 


If you know the process of attraction like I'll teach you, you will be connecting with her on a part that she is literally compelled to respond to; at this point she will forgive you of her social 'ideal' of Brad Pitt, Moneybags, Jetsetter, Rockstar, etc. because she'll have found someone who is acting and being a 'real man'.


So when you're meeting her, it comes down to a 'Battle of Realities'; and if you can't 'match up' and naturally 'stand your ground' you don't stand a chance with her, especially after the first 'date'. 


Your understanding of the world or reality must be stronger than hers; IT MUST BE (with the kind of women you want to get with, freakboy) or you will continue to lose and never get the level of woman that you want in your life, for sex or anything else. 


And if you don't match the 'social proof' ideal of being what she 'says' she wants in a man, then you'd BETTER have a stronger reality than her or you will continue to lose.


Have you tried pick-up lines


or maybe seduction techniques, etc. and somehow it just feels 'forced'?  EXACTLY.  Because it's all in the 'Forced Reality' which women rarely respond to unless they know they're getting 'played' and want to go along with it anyways.


Women are ACUTELY aware of what is going on and if you're 'playing her' or trying to pick her up.  Is this already challenging some of your beliefs?  Well, all of your beliefs were grounded in the wrong paradigm (or view of reality and set of beliefs) anyways.


That is why it's still hit and miss and why you still don't feel 'right' when you're doing it.


She also doesn't respond to 'nice guys' like you anymore ESPECIALLY if you're coming from the 'courting' method of dating; "Wow, you're beautiful...can I take you out sometime?" 


These guys just don't get it.  But the 'techniques' based method of thinking or 'seduction tricks'; all of this is greatly stopping your success as well and you can't continue to fight against it.


In fact, you may NEVER need NLP, hypnosis, seduction, or even pick-up lines EVER again with the information that I'm about to offer you.  I can teach you how to take 'the game' to where you're above the level of player and seeing results that compare or better.


The fact that she is aware where you are coming from has always been your greatest disadvantage, and it will soon become your greatest advantage.  You absolutely cannot fake it around a real beautiful, sexy woman. 


Her levels of intuition and reception are unparalleled


So when you are around beauty personified herself with all that sexiness that makes mere mortals quiver, you REALLY have to be grounded in a reality that is stronger than hers in order to have any chance and it has to be real.  Like I said you just cannot fake this; either you have it or you don't.


I will show you how this can be done to truly win the battle of realities and give her what she really wants.  That SAME 'spideysense' that picks up wussiness is the same sense that will pick up your strength and attract her to you, giving you unbounded opportunities you've never had before even without having to approach. 


It's the same 'intuition' she has and knows that will now work in your favor and have her coming to you; the exact opposite of why she stays away from other guys; she KNOWS what's going on. 


This is to your HUGE advantage when you 'get it' on a deep and profound, unshakable level.  Beautiful women live in a virtual FREAKZONE of emotions, perception, intuition and acute awareness.


With what I teach you, you don't have to try to figure out if she's interested in you, it doesn't even matter (this is a mindstretch I will have to work you through).  I'll just leave that at that for now except the sexual gravity you'll have will open up opportunities for you like nothing else (plus you don't overtly or internally 'show interest' in her); trust me on that for now.


If you 'don't get it', you will continue to bounce off of her weapons grade social persona, along with all of the other nice guys, shmucks or even cool dudes that are out there.


How do you avoid all of this rejection? 


Like I said, you've been acting completely in the wrong paradigm (you grew up in it like I did and can't escape it unless you know something else) just like most of the other men.  It's been impossible to see anything else or to try and figure out a 'different way' to approach her that might be more successful. 


You're fighting against her social persona and bouncing off, hence all of the rejection and ineffectiveness.


This paradigm is 100% pervasive in our society and media and has programmed you how to think.  It is almost inescapable and no one can explain it or even refuse to deny it up until now; they just have found ways to try to fight against it. 


Women have been 'programmed' by this forced reality to respond to you in certain ways that truly aren't natural but you've had to deal with.  The way you act and react is a product of this 'forced reality' as well that is limiting your success MASSIVELY.


Yet the women are still wondering...

"Where have all the real men gone?"


In fact, what I am going to teach you will probably be the freshest breath of air you've had in your adult life.  You will realize how close you are to natural success with women from the standpoint of having absolute fearlessness.  Your ability will be 'above' or independent of any number of techniques, dating advice (which is terribly off) or continuous study of 'pick up'. 


You don't have to 'change' who you are and keep spewing out pick-up lines while getting constantly rejected; but you must do some things VERY differently (but they are easy to integrate into your life and mindset because I teach you and are very leveraged in your favor for immediate change). 


I am talking about the pure characteristics that the most successful men in the world have with women.  They are called 'naturals' for a reason and you're going to have this power also if you accept to open your mind for a little while.


I don't have to give you hype about hundreds of pick-up lines, or 'what to say to her' in order to win her over or 'get her into bed as soon as possible'.  This may go against everything you've been learning so far about meeting women. 


Part of this reason is because everything you have been learning (I would bet ALL of it) has been in the wrong paradigm in the first place.


Part of what I have discovered is that who you are and how you act around women is MUCH more important than what you say; and there is a deep history and connection to this you must have if you REALLY want amazing success with women, remember because they can sense and know where you're coming from.


From this approach she is possibly 10 times more likely to go to bed with you than the other guys who don't get it anyways.


This 'connection' comes through your understanding of the Universal paradigm I will reveal to you and how to come from a point that is more yourself than any other techniques can be, that will explode your success with women.  You will have a peace and a calm about you and your affairs. 


Beautiful women do not want to feel that they are being 'picked up',


 ...they want to be able to somehow meet a man naturally and for that process to progress naturally; and of course I can show you how to do this.


When you fully get what I teach you, you will be able to attract women and won't be afraid to approach any woman, even if she's a celebrity, model or actress (as long as her bodyguard's not in front of her!). 


I'm talking about something even deeper than body language or naturally 'trying' to go up to women and start something; I'm talking a universal alignment that is stronger than any pheromone that will drive women crazy when you possess it (and this is the REAL thing, not just fake hype or superficial surface solution). 


You will connect with women 'without even trying' on a level that is stronger than their perceived social persona.


You can't fake this level of grounded power if you don't have it.  If you don't have it, you don't have it and won't ever be nearly as successful with hot, sexy young women as you want.


Yes there are successful less than average looking guys who have massively spent a lot of time and effort learning the 'techniques' and mindset 'that works' in attracting and picking up women. 


It takes a lot of dedication to doing that,


whilefacing a lot of rejection to get to the point where you're personality is modified to adapt to work with her high powered social persona in a sparring match. 


Many have successfully made it work as 'pick up artists' and you could too.  But it is going to take a LOT of time and effort to develop a cutting edge cocky/funny social persona to match hers and cancel what she says out or come out on top.


Personally I have this skill inherently and it can be a powerful weapon upfront because I can match a woman's social persona, but I never did before I 'got this'. 


With what I teach, you don't have to develop a supersharp wit to connect with her.  I, myself do have a supersharp wit but it doesn't even have to be used with my discovery. 


Remember, all of that is just amped up top of the line stuff that usually works with hot women but is STILL in the wrong paradigm.  Women don't want to be 'hunted after', they know what's going on too.


If some of those guys would realign themselves and then even tame down what they're doing they'd have twice as much success as they are now or much more. 


You don't have to learn expensive cutting edge 'pick up arts' in order to be successful or even to develop a bulletproof, rejection proof social hardball persona to deal with hot women. 


My way is a different level, a different world that will make it easy for ANY guy who fully internalizes what I teach to be more successful than he thought he could be. 


There's too much 'pressure to perform'


or focus on developing a dynamic social personality or be the life of the party with that kind of 'approach' or mindset.  Do you want to feel like your success is dependent on 'that'? 


It's important to be a cool guy but that's almost too much work.  You're a busy man with a life.


I will show you how to have such a natural success with all women, especially the most beautiful and glamorous ones.  You are closer to this reality than you think yet it is vastly different from what you have been doing, and even learning but it makes ALL the difference when it comes to dealing with women. 


They will be able to tell RIGHT away.  I always attract women like this wherever I go (more on me later).  Before I started intensely studying dating materials I now realized that I was a natural even before all of it, but something huge was in the way (forced reality). 


I would be the guy to get the girls phone number when there were 20 other guys near her that wouldn't.


Some new pick-up lines just aren't going to cut it. 


I'm talking about REAL & NATURAL success

with beautiful women everywhere you go. 


I'm talking about having them call you and fighting with each other to be with you; I'm also talking about 'area codes', even international hookups.. 


And no, you don't have to be a hard-edged jerk either or develop a hardball social proof 'party guy' persona.


I have learned from one of the best when it comes to dealing with women and he is one of the best in the world.  He is on the level that I teach and I explain the entire process that beholds the context of how he operates. 


When his products come out I will be promoting them to you as well.  I'm sure I'll be working with him very soon.  He was interviewed by ABC for a special on 'Dating Guru's'.  With this release and future information from me, I won't be surprised if I go national publicly either.


Let me ask you some more questions:


Why should meeting women, approaching them, or being successful with them have to be so hard as it's been?  Why do they reject you or when you 'try' something it feels forced?


Does it feel like you are fighting against an invisible barrier that is so strong and you don't have the power or self-control that you should? 


Can you 'tame' your emotional response and body language when you are around the hottest women?  Remember, they KNOW if you are or not.


When you see a beautiful woman do you 'freeze' up


and try to think of what to say?  Do you wonder why you're such a nice guy and she ignores you treats you like 'whatever' or sighs!?


You will find the whole thing you have been fighting is ridiculous and is similar to Uncle Scar taking over the kingdom instead, I will show you that what has been going on in your dating life it is not right or natural. 


As in "The LionKing" this force has cast a dark shadow, dry spells and confusion across the land (your dating life) of the American man when it comes to dating or success with women. 


It is massively hindering your success and the fulfillment of women and they are literally BEGGING for it.  They are sick of abusive jerks being the only ones that know how the process works.  Isn't it YOUR turn?


The pick up artists are doing the 'hunting' and getting the few catches or all of them that are left that might be open to it. 


They are getting women almost with a fight or a battle of social personas in order to win.  Yes you can do it this way but it's so much harder and still not naturally aligned completely.


Seems like all guys really want (and feel they 'must have') a piece of the American Pie and the whole psychology behind that is they're giving into the 'forced reality' in the first place. 


Yes, it's natural to desire sex


but because of the forced reality they're behavior patterns are not properly aligned to yield results. 


Instead of having scarcity, or having to mentally spar with her social persona, I will show you how to bring the light back to the land and overcome the struggle with this invisible 'forced reality' once and for all.  You inherently are the leader or 'King' of your life and you are at the top of the food chain.


What you have grown up with and even 99% of what is being taught in the realm of success with women is just a byproduct of the forced reality itself.  I will take you to a level 'above' that.


How you will be and act around women will be an oasis of relief from even the best pick up artists.  And you aren't just going to be their 'friend' unless you choose to once it gets started.


For the 40 year old virgins in our country


that light of hope has almost dimmed out completely and now that I see clearly what is going on and what they can do to change...it's just profound, the viewpoint of wisdom I can give you.  With my information applied there wouldn't be any 40 year old virgins unless they wanted to be.


You know what happens if the same thing happened to everyone?  We'd go extinct.  That's why it's kind of tragic.


I will open your mind to a level of wisdom and enlightenment that will make being successful with women so easy that almost none of the other guru's can compare.  You don't need the latest 'techniques' or pick-up lines unless you only want moderate success.


This power will ultimately come from within (and all-around) when you are aware of what I will teach you and you will be able to look upon your former actions with wisdom and understanding.


Everything you currently 'see', have grown up with and are bombarded with daily in our society is in the completely wrong paradigm for you to operate for having true success with women. 


If you leave this page and go back to whatever you were doing, or seeking out more hot 'techniques' I almost feel unfortunate for you.  I used to think those were the only possible answer but they don't even compare to 'the light'.  They are just scratching the surface of the wrong paradigm in the first place.


Our entire social culture as well as how you and virtually ALL American men view women and dating 99.9% of the time is working against you.  There are many byproducts of this forced reality which you must understand as well. 


But it explains why the hottest women are ending up with psychologically abusive, unstable, homely jerks instead of the real counterparts (guys like you and me).


All of the dating coaches and so-called experts


are ALL coming from the wrong paradigm in the first place (the darkness and un-naturalness of the 'Forced Reality') instead because they do not know what naturally works THE BEST with women.  They can't 'see' they're way through all of the cluttered junk on top.


I'm not talking about 'trying to make a connection' with her in some way, I'm talking about the real, PURE connection that she can't resist; the man that you are before you meet her.


You can have some success with seduction techniques, etc. sure (hit or miss).  The Truth of the Universal Paradigm and your new reality completely blows those out of the water and almost laughs at the whole setup because it is operating in the wrong paradigm completely; thus hindering your TRUE success with women without having to feel 'forced'. 


Relationship counselors are even worse because they don't understand the universal paradigm and dynamics of what is 'really' going on or how they got here in the first place, because this force is so pervasive it's invisible.  They can't even explain the real reason why we have a 50% divorce rate.  And I do.


The level of knowledge which I will give you is almost dangerous in its potency because our entire society and multibillion-dollar economy is not even aware of it; they are the very ones perpetuating it. 


Pure traditionalism doesn't have all the answers either 


when it comes to being successful with women; times have changed.  You really have to 'see it all' in order to really get it.


I am your Rafiki.  I am your messenger and will bring the message of empowering transformational light into your life (that has been there all along as a very dim light) that will bring in balance and alignment; but is near impossible to see; even for those who thought they have come close. 


You will have unleashed your ability to naturally attract women, often so that you don't even have to approach them first; they will come to you.  But there is so much more to it than this. 


You will be above the forced reality that society has imposed and which has been your greatest weakness, when you find out it was all an illusion in the first place (really an illusion) that answers all the questions to the paradox.


Am I talking too much 'woo woo' for you? 


Are you still thinking, 'Dude, where's the pick-up lines'?


Sorry, but you're not going to get info just on pick-up lines or exactly what to say to her to get her to go home with you from the club (though I do throw in a few specifics already). 


There are so many other factors that come into play other than just what to say to her; what if every other clown said the same thing I told you to say to her?  She is obviously not going to go with each and every one of them so it can't be always 'what you say'. 


It is not even 'how' you say it, it is something much deeper than this.  Once you 'get it', anything you say will get you closer to the candy shop.  She is so sick of men trying to 'seduce her' or men just laying themselves at her high-heelsShe wants it to be natural and it is SO rare for her to find this in a man.


In order to really become a TRUE master and 'natural', you have to understand everything that is going on in the BIGGG picture, and look past the shallow surface solutions which you may have thought were the only possible solutions to the problem anyways; remember, they are in the wrong paradigm in the first place. 


This is like Jedi training on it's level of scope and the power you will have at your disposal.  And it's not painful either, you just have learn some new things (which will answer almost all of your questions anyways about 'getting chicks') in order to actualize your inherent power. 


To have this potential power of real success with women, you are going to have to look at things differently and do different things (and sometimes the opposite things) of what you have been taught by byproducts of the forced reality you have grown up in. 


There's so much more than just being a verbal sparring partner; it stems much deeper, this connection between you and her. 


How am I always able to attract beautiful women

when I can't always speak their language? 


I go into this and cultural differentiation as well as far as how it directly applies to your realization of success.


Let me put it this way.  I hope this will answer it if you're still looking for the pickup lines. 


There's good news and bad news.


GOOD NEWS:  If you can understand why women are the way they are, realize the 'Forced Reality' and understand all of the other macro-dynamics, you can change your entire life paradigm into a successful one with beautiful women as you see and apply the previously hidden 'matrix' which I will ground you in.  You will see that the forced reality  was is now only an illusion and doesn't belong there.


You can experience an incomparable level of success and response with women that is not dependent on your looks or wallet.  To women, you will become irresistible and 'match' what they really want inside of them (no pun intended) anyways. 


Your view on life will permanently be changed as you become the man you know you are somewhere deep inside. 


If you accept the mission, your enlightenment alone should probably feel better than if you just had sex.  You will also be grounded in who you are as a man and return the Kingdom back to its proper place and in balance with history, biology, tradition and other universal truths.  Beautiful women will now be 'within your league' in fact they will try to see themselves as in your league because of the great leverage you now have in your favor from their perspective.


BAD NEWS BEARS:  If you don't accept the fact (and see it) that you are living in (and dealing with women in) a pervasive 'Forced Reality' (which is denying several universal truths on multiple levels); and DON'T change into a paradigm of truth, renewal, clarity and empowerment, you will continue to only have lackluster success with women perhaps forever, even if you are 'a great catch'; Even with all kinds of further seduction, 'dating advice', men's tips, etc. you will still be massively limiting the amount and quality of women you could be getting.


In fact, the MINUTE you get back out into society or see the next BEAUTIFUL honey in your line of sight and you're wondering what to say, feeling confused, butterflies, nervous, heartbeatz, or intimidation (and you didn't get all of my information), then would you have really stood a chance with her anyways at that moment?  NO WAY.  You didn't 'get it'.  Life will continue the same.


It's not whether you talk to her or how she responds to you if you just start getting out there again; you're going to STAY within the illusion of this 'Forced Reality' and fighting against it where you will ALWAYS be on shaky ground when it comes to dealing with women unless you learn another and more principled way. 


She works best at turning men down by operating in the forced reality which favors her; you can't be a part of that paradigm if you want TRUE success with her. 


The craziest thing is that she doesn't WANT you to


be a part of this 'forced reality' when it comes to dealing with her, yet all guys do, except the unhealthy cocky ones.  And even they aren't in true alignment either!


The nature of the forced reality itself is in violation of many principles which I will show you; it leads to explaining (amongst other things) why women are having their own great paradox of "Where are all the real men?" (and feel so flighty and drama full) despite looking damn sexy.


Think of the last beauty you saw and what were you feeling; butterflies in your stomach?  Knees a little weak?  I will teach you that this is all B.S.  You have to come from a stronger paradigm of reality than her unnatural 'Forced Reality' where she thinks she has the power if you're REALLY going to be successful with her and other women by the droves.


Eye contact?  You will have the strength when you become congruent with what I teach to look the top models in the eye and win. 


HER heartbeat will start fluttering.


I may be saying this a few times in different ways, but I want you to understand how important it is.


So let me say this another way; you either change your perception of reality (based on founded truths which I will reveal to you) or you continue to live in society's forced reality where you will continue to be on shaky ground and nervous (she can sense even a hint of it) when you see any and all future beautiful women you'd like to meet. 


By default you will continue to be in the 'forced reality'


of ineffectiveness and loss of power when it comes to dealing with women; even if you study 'pick up' and 'seduction'.  You HAVE to learn something else to really breakthrough.


They do not have a problem turning any man down who does not get it; they have to appear bitchy as a time management tool.  They are waiting for someone who gets it, like you will.


You are not yet aware of how successful you can be and deserve to be with women.  I myself was not aware I had all of this power which is aligned properly (with her as well) until I came upon these life changing discoveries.


If you stay in society's perception or illusion, you will easily get 'lost' and fall into the trap of ineffectiveness, confusion and disempowerment, blinded by her beauty without being able to have the strength to easily 'handle it'. 


In case you do not think this 'forced reality' is real, I will show you through cultural differentiation, observation and proof that the women in the United States are different than most of the women around the world as well as the popular culture which defies our traditional and biological nature.  It is VERY real.


I will show you that forced reality and the United States are not the predominant paradigm throughout the rest of the world (most of the world).  And therein lies some of your greatest power; I will prove to you that you are a man who deserves way more success with women than you have realized and can have relationships with as many women as you want (it's all up to you what you do with your life). 


Personally after so many years of oppression with this type of women, and being in the Army for four years, I feel some 'making up to do' I don't know about you.  But these women want to be around guys like us who really get it and aren't trying to 'pick them up' overtly, yet it happens more often with us instead. 


I will show you that you have not been the problem,


but in order to really be successful you have to understand everything that I cover in detail.  You have to understand the macro and multi-dynamics of these competing realities, viewpoints and truths in order to see it.


She expects you to be a man, and she is not going to ask you to; you just have to BE it and it is near impossible to be that when you are coming from the paradigm of the forced reality which is giving her the power and favor.


It's not as if you're talking to a less beautiful woman you'll be less nervous; we're talking about you getting the 9's and 10's (even if you're not a 9 or 10 yourself) without batting an eyelash (she'll bat hers). 


To deal with this level of women you have to completely bypass her perception of reality to reach the alignment of reality that she will be forced to respond to and thank you for.  And you have to be grounded in such strength of wisdom to know that you're not intimidated by her or her perceived 'beauty'. 


Every other man's weakness will be your strength.


But it's all perception anyways.  Not everyone will react to her the same way, yet 99% of men are doing the one thing that is screwing their chances up with her and she knows it before they speak.


She is still just a woman even more than ever and you have to know how to reach that part of her.


You can be the guy where she says, "I just don't know what it is about him..." and you're NOT an abusive jerk.  The women in America are waiting for these men and wondering "Where have all the Cowboys gone?" 


I teach you to retain these qualities into your entire lifestyle and how you deal with women all of the time.  Your girls can always be calling you and the choices are up to you because they'll be falling for what you can give them and other men just can't because they don't 'get it'.


There's more to it AFTER you 'get her' if you use a seduction technique.  What I teach you is the most natural way that will guarantee you the most success throughout each relationship so they stick around YOU. 


These are not techniques that are based on a shaky ground where she can take you or leave you at her will; you come from a place where you are the King.


She has been so sexually aware and yet so repressed


and is looking for a man who really, deeply 'gets it' so you can connect to that part of her instead of having all these wussy nice guys drooling after her.


Seduction experts and students are operating in a paradigm where the land is dark and not in natural order or alignment (Uncle Scar's rule).  Success is scarce and hit and miss when they have to 'hunt' for results. 


With my teachings you can have them coming after you more often than not and you won't have to be 'hunting' for chicks in order to have success.


When you reclaim your role as a man I will show you how to have success with women all of the time in a land of never-ending abundance, light and opportunity where the rightful balance is put in place. 


Your life will be in order to a degree

you have never felt before. 


There are so many opportunities of our modern social dynamics, and the fact that our women are like they are because you can now experience a lifestyle that you have only dreamed about (and other men in the world don't have the same opportunity) as long as you really get it.



Why is it still so hard to meet the magazine quality of women and get something started with them without them ignoring you, brushing you off or treating you like crap?


This information will answer all of your problems you've had with women.  It wasn't until I had this breakthrough (and consequently wrote literally nonstop for 10+ days) that I finally felt that everything was not only answered, but in place and correct, not only for my life (and the rest of my life) but for any man who was willing to learn what I have discovered to have 007 levels of success and opportunity with women.


I've listened to hundreds of hours of work on how to be successful with women but it wasn't until the absolute all knowing truth hit me (not from that training) that I finally 'got everything'.  It was a point when all universal and macro-dynamics came together in a blinding flash of light.


Before that point there still ALWAYS seemed like something was still missing or wasn't right when it came to women. 


Let me ask you a few more questions before I go on...


Ever wondered why women react to you the way they do so that you've decided to keep your pride and stop facing rejection which has often lead to dry spells or hopefully waiting for them to approach?


Ever been the guy leaning back with a beer in a nightclub looking at the beautiful women and not knowing what to say or how to approach?


Does it seem like these women that you want the most just ignore you and act like you're not even there? 


Ever wondered how you can get MORE women at any time and lead the lifestyle of your dreams?


Ever seen some other dude with a girl and think "I want a girl LIKE THAT!"  or "What the hell is HE doing with HER?". 


When you become the man I talk about and teach you to be, girls are like "I want THAT MAN (you)."



Yes you can live in a reality where you can have more beautiful women than you have time for.  I can teach you to potentially be successful with any kind of woman you might be interested in (indifferent to...more on this in the book) based on the universal evidence that I will bring to the table that has been proven over and over again.


You will almost feel sorry for beautiful women


(from many angles) once you see it because of what they have to put up with and compete with to maintain social validation; and you will be empowered to be a man who naturally attracts women. 


You will no longer have to be afraid or confused about anything when it comes to approaching, meeting, or having a relationship with a beautiful woman.  You will be the one that holds the power, direction, control and favor.


Strong (and sexy) independent women have added unlimited value and hope to the world BUT why is it still so damn hard to get with them?


If you really believe that you do deserve a higher quality of women than you have been getting you can have that and I'm going to show you how.


Remember, you will have something stronger than confidence (and I don't mean cockiness).  You can be more successful with beautiful women than these so-called 'jerks' that end up being with but you must understand all of the implications involved so you are 'grounded'.  Everywhere you go, women will feel an irresistible attraction to you.


You will not be acting out of the 'forced reality' that every other guy does, (even the best of the NLPer's and PUA's) rather you will be coming from a foundation of strength, a new reality which will cancel out her illlusional reality and give her what she really wants.   


You will be on a whole 'nuther level when

it comes to dealing with women


and having the type of relationships you want.  It is so refreshing to have this peace of mind and knowledge that you don't have to 'perform' or anything.


You see, once you resolve the major internal and universal paradigm issue, everything starts to go into comfortable and biological 'alignment'.  This means that most of the issues you had confronting these problems or approaching women will disappear and they'll start 'showing up'. 


All of the surface level details and minutiae in dealing with getting more beautiful become a 'let me at 'em' type scenario.


My discovery is SO profound, that I can now answer ANY question when it comes to women, sex and dating; I have eradicated all confusion or unclarity and am now on the highest level of success with women and I will continue to lead by example.  Just THINK of the power of what you can do with this information.


Can you see how this Jedi level training actually could cover EVERYTHING that ALL other dating guru's and experts are talking about?  In fact, I look at what they're doing and I almost shake my head (no); they're missing out on the REAL power. 




everything else you will learn about the subject of meeting women is coming from the land of scarcity


and darkness anyways; the unnatural, misaligned dating/mating process or unrightful rule or order in the kingdom.  There is a great misalignment in our society stemming from the 'paradox'.


I will teach you how to connect to the 'light' within yourself and 'her' that has been clouded over when you communicate and just 'be' yourself stronger than ever before without having to become someone you aren't, without nervousness and without pressure. 


You will never have to be nervous again around

any beautiful woman, model or celebrity


Internalize and practice what I teach and you will be getting women that better looking guys think they should be getting instead.  You will be able to see clearly why what they keep doing doesn't work from both your perspective, universal perspective and her perspective.


This isn't how to 'trick women' because that's in the land of darkness where Uncle Scar rules; the forced reality that I see so CLEARLY. 


This forced reality is 100% pervasive in the U.S. and you just can't escape it unless you can 'see it' and then choose a stronger paradigm or reality which is more aligned (to many truths) to male-female attraction and the biological (and now social) mating process.


You will be lining up with who she really is inside (that is stronger than any social persona), and what she desires so much in a man anyways.  This is why she will still want to keep being around you, having sex with you, etc. 


It will be Your shot-call to balance all of your women and dump them when You want (not the other way around). 


This is the life I now live in and can now approach any woman and start the process of sexual attraction without fear.  What can this do for you?  How about permanently getting this area of your life handled, aligning yourself more with who you are as a man and not having to 'become someone you're not' in order to do it? 


You don't have to memorize ANY pick up lines. 


Who you will be and are speaks so LOUDLY (screamingly) to a woman because she can pick up body language signals 10 times stronger than men.  What used to work against you before without your knowledge can now be one of your greatest strength.


Remember, they know what's going on and this is why they'll be attracted to you to find out more. 


And because you are coming from a standpoint of SOLID foundation and congruency in your reality which you know is true, you will be irresistible to women no matter how you look (although looks help to pass her social persona is expectations but even that doesn't matter when you started the attraction process and she is into you).


Once you fix THE underlying major problem itself then almost all of the other problems and details are just gone o resolved permanently...in fact if you just bask in your new reality you may forget what they even were or that they existed.  This is truly the 'matrix' of dating.


I will teach you to see our version of 'the matrix' and to live in it. 


You will be able to say anything, tease her, joke with her, it doesn't even matter because you will be communicating sexually and strongly with the inner unconscious part of her.


You will be able to look at beautiful women and completely see them differently than ever before, and not be afraid of them; more importantly they will notice you.  You will use their beauty to your advantage instead of letting it hold you back and they will already be 'sensing' your sexual gravity.


When you have the control that I will teach you, then you control where the relationship wants to go with any type of woman you're with and I'll show you how to deal with her if she isn't interested.


I will introduce you to the 'Accelerated Mating Program' of biological attraction.  This is a way to be successful with beautiful women who will be 'relieved' to have found you without you ever having to 'seduce' them and you will lead the relationship to a sexual level fast and naturally.


You don't have to settle for just

'above average' girls anymore. 


You can get the most beautiful ones and the level of quality that you really want.  And time is running by.  How much longer do you want to wait to live the life you really want to?


With my training this means near IMMEDIATE CHANGE.  And I think you have the leverage to change as well; especially when you see how ridiculous of a reality you have been living in really is.


So what is this 'training'?  It's my "Men's Guide to Women" ebook.  Within it contains the universal knowledge of so many sources of empowering foundational truth (I'll name some later) which will allow you to bitchslap your mediocre success with women in the past completely away.


This is something that no amount of technique is just going to give you 'all of a sudden'.  We're talking a total paradigm shift and way of seeing everything and BEING a more 'connected' man (NOT trying to be someone you're not).


And because of the tremendous amount of leverage involved your change will empower you from within and fast; so much so that the way you deal with women should be INSTANTLY changed to your advantage; something no pickup line or technique can do.


Just take a look at some of the points I'll cover:


-How to unleash your inherent power to attract beautiful independent women or beautiful traditional women


-How to have unshakable confidence with any woman (or even approaching a celebrity) maybe for your first time ever but you can retain this for life because you'll finally understand the context of global social dynamics (this realization I give you is worth 50 times the price of the eBook alone)


-How women communicate and KNOW if you have sexual gravity or not


-How to not fall into (or be played by) women's mind games but actually turn the tables to your advantage and PERMANENTLY because it's now who you are and where you're coming from after you enter your new reality


-EXACTLY WHY millions of American men are just plain confused as to women and dating when women don't respond the way they think they should and how you will never be confused again around beautiful women because of your universal paradigm shift and new reality


-The most effective and leveraged mental technique EVER to ABOLISH fear in approaching women COMPLETELY when also aligned with your new reality.  You will clearly see how ridiculous the situation is and how you naturally DO have the power GUARANTEED. (You'll never believe where I got this from)


-Facing the false reality of 'being rejected' and how to virtually eliminate it


-Specific examples of what you can learn from certain movies that really help you understand what works with women


-What women today are 'missing', how some things have never changed and how YOU can fulfill that passionate desire of theirs while still holding control


-How to always have the power in ANY communication or approach to a beautiful woman and how you can leave with the power and even get her to chase you (this works even if you aren't the best looking guy)


-The Battle of Realities and why you MUST have a strong 'center' and pull HER into your orbit through your sexual gravity; her 'fake reality' or your 'all knowing omnipresent understanding and reality' (this is an agent of the most powerful leveraged change and rewiring that you need) and only one of them will 'win' to have control


-How to 'fast forward the game' and realize that yes you do have the power


-Never have a 'dry spell' again if you don't want to


-What's right and wrong about feminism and what's complete B.S.


-Understand historically, Biblically, culturally and biologically how power is meant to be in YOUR favor as a man (what you do with it and any consequences is up to you)


-WHAT WOMEN WANT:  Freud expounded and looked at from the perspectives of the two basic types of women in the world who live in both macro realities


-American Women vs. International Women: Advantages, disadvantages, cultural barriers; the understated debate.  Key things you must know to understand why the favor is still (and really always has been) in your hand like it has been for men through all of time


-Congruency and why it's so important and how to be congruent with your new reality


-Why these women 'test' and why they have to


-Understanding her social persona (Brooke's shield); where it REALLY came from, what it means and how to break through and deal with it effectively


-Why you are more successful within than you already realize


-Many popular and social references for studies that will fully help you internalize the profound knowledge of both paradigms and give you the leverage clarity and the power to take action and see how ineffective and ridiculous the other options were that you used to do




Don't you deserve these beautiful women

more than the bad boy jerks do? 



You REALLY do.  Don't they deserve YOU more? 


Women WANT you to so they don't keep falling for 'the wrong guy' who psychologically abuses them, etc.  But they aren't going to tell you how to 'be a man' or understand the process of natural sexual attraction and natural selection. 


They will leave you out on a limb before they tell you to 'be a man' directly.  It's unnatural if they have to tell you AND YOU SHOULD KNOW.


It's time to have the quality of women that you deserve

as being a 'great catch' yourself.


You KNOW you have value to offer her.  But still she goes out with these 'other guys'.


I will teach teach you why 'these guys' are filling in the gaps for our beautiful women instead of you.  They are capitalizing on certain things.  Like I said, you don't have to be an abusive jerk to be successful with these women.  In fact, you will become THEIR freshest breath of air. 


You can be their greatest catch ever because you aren't unhealthy psychologically or abusive; but either way, YOU have the power and control in the relationship and can carry on as many relationships as you want.  I will teach you to be a real man that attracts any type of women (both traditional and independent).



The actual 'matrix' of natural success with women has still been invisible even to the top dating guru's because they are bouncing their stuff off of the 'Forced Reality' paradigm.


It is so pervasive that everything you have done in your life has been in this 'forced reality'.  Especially how you treat and view beautiful women and how they respond to you the way that they do.


I will educate you completely on what's going on in society and why you haven't been able to reach the levels of success that you deserve (it's not your fault) and that hot women are begging for.


It's up to YOU to seek out the information that will help you succeed with women and you have come to THE right place.


Your greatest success with women will come from fully understanding and then denying the forced reality that is expected that you'll CONTINUE to live in it (without even knowing it's there) and INSTEAD, take on a new view of understanding and comprehension of the greater truth of your new reality which is biologically, universally, and principally founded. 


Yes, I'm talking about coming from a point of 'being yourself' so strong that your reality bends her vision of her glamour and drama like a paperclip. 


She's looking sexier to find real men (and the other half of the reason is to uphold the forced reality which prevents her from finding real men leading back to she wants real men and that's it), but instead they're all 'intimidated' and skerred of her.


You will be able to be yourself and be a man without having to memorize pick up lines.  You will finally be able to have a beautiful woman's respect and she will appreciate your honesty.  Everyone will be happy and relieved (except maybe all of the jealous haters looking at you).


Sexual energy, fulfillment, gratification even love and romance


is one of the most important things in any man's (and woman's) life.  Remember that she has her desires as well and for the most part she is not finding a real (and healthy, valuable) man who has it all together that will fulfill her desires as well. 


The 'dating' scene is just a disastrous wreck for her and so are the pathetic losers that just don't get it (even if they are good-looking or rich).  She would rather be with someone who 'gets it' than to have to put up with someone who is draining all of her energy like a sucking leech.


Someone who just fills her social persona's desire is going to leave her still feeling empty inside, like that boring rich guy who is trying to court her. 


Also, I will show you why we have 'Desperate Housewives' and '40 Year Old Virgins' in our society.


Being involved with the higher quality of women and not being afraid to approach them ever will be natural and normal to you.  I show you how to without 'throwing off a lot of game' or trying to 'trick' her into seduction (which actually hinder your unbound success).


If you don't understand what I reveal, you will forever be lost in the forced reality that is 100% engrained into our society.  It is nearly impossible to escape because it is invisible and it has also defined all of your behavior in the past which doesn't really work with women.


This information I believe is worth $10,000 retail price to any American man who is interested in any way of dealing with women.  It is that groundbreaking and empowering. 


This is more powerful than ALL of the years of research done in NLP and seduction combined.  It really is when it comes down to the wire.  You do not have to 'trick' a woman into falling for you. 


When you do what I teach, she will fall for you naturally


 ...the way she wants it to happen and she will respect you for being yourself and for being honest. 


This is the real process of sexual attraction. 


After it happens naturally, then she may be open to a further relationship from there (which is your call).


So where can you get all of this information?  Easy.  In my "Men's Guide to Women" eBook.  It's got all of this and so much more in one place.  It's 352 PAGES of transformational, mind-bending 'matrix level' reality changing material on how to be successful with women by squaring yourself away first along with your paradigms.


When you look at the Chapters in the book, some of these topics are a bit 'racy' but I can't hold anything back.  I have to explain and give it all to you from the universal perspective as well as every other viewpoint in order for you to really have the power. 


The information that I will give you truly has the power to change your life forever.


This is more than just an e-book, this 'Men's Guide to Women' will


permanently change your outlook on how

you view and deal with women;


and the ironic thing is that the women will respect you more and desire you because it is what they really want. 


Beautiful women are sick of knowing that they keep attracting jerks into their life, or having to fight off nice guys, losers or ass-kissers, but they are lacking on their options of real men who know how to do everything right and just be a man. 


Not only are you 'smooth' when you are a true natural as I will teach you, but you don't even have to try to keep up a fake game.


Is it your time to stand up and reclaim your destiny when it comes to dealing with women and giving them what they always want (which I will teach you as well)?  Don't you deserve this?  Maybe this is an area you're not that interested in.  That's up to you to decide. 


Here's the thing; I can't just give you the profound Universal paradigm itself, I have to explain everything that is going on in our modern society so you can really 'get it'.  Then I have to teach you how to be the man yourself that naturally attracts women like never before. 


So in order to cover it, when I started writing, I just couldn't stop.  I've developed a complete and massive amount of universal information that will give you unlimited power and choice when it comes to meeting, attracting and keeping sexy women. 


Heck, the more beautiful she is,


in many cases, the easier it will be to get her as long as you are congruent with what I teach you.  These types of women have a high level of perception as well as leverage that either works with you or against you.


They really are wondering where the real men are.  Just ASK THEM!! 


You do not have to be intimidated by women or beauty anymore and I give you ground and principally based reasons why.  Within such profound wisdom you will be able to easily stand up against her blinding beauty (the perception of it), whereas other men DON'T STAND A CHANCE.


I've put together some of the most profound and life altering information that you will ever hear that will change the way you view women completely.  In this eBook I give you the foundation of the power to be successful with beautiful or desirable women.


This information will even arm you with what you need to do to


even prevent divorce,


making a wrong decision or very expensive mistake.  If you are even thinking about having a long-term relationship with a woman or getting married, I highly recommend that you get this information because they could literally save your life. 


Remember the forced reality is unknowingly holding all other decent men back from being successful with the hottest women (or even those of their equal counterparts), are you going to let it hold you back from all of these women? 


This same philosophy will work on the hottest women in the world; and I will be out on a mission to continuously prove that to you.  What I teach you are fundamental similarities between all women. 


I alone, have been with enough women to tell you this,


 that they all have the same underlying physical desires when you reach a certain point with them.  Skinny, pretty, sexy, skanky, demure, shy, average, intelligent, anywhere in the world; all the same underlying 'desires' despite their 'makeup' or 'social persona'...That means J.Lo too.


Herein lies one of the greatest secrets but I'll save for the book and email series.

It took me an entire decade of questioning, stepping outside of our society several times, plus over $1000 investment in materials that got me to the point where I was sunblind by the truth itself. 


WOMEN CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN WHAT'S GOING ON or realize how they got the way they are.  I also don't want to repress who I am in that I just love beautiful, sexy, intelligent women; I can't deny it but I see them differently than other men do.  I am also friends (yes, just friends) with some of them. 


They are who they are because that's all they know in our culture yet beneath that there is something more universal going on which you can connect with.


Hopefully you're with me on this and also in that you're a man that can naturally bring value to their lives instead of just 'taking' sex or personal fulfillment. 


She can add much value to your life (when in a certain way) other than just sex


Today's women are independent, smart, intelligent, fashionable, cool, funny and sometimes dorky.  They are great people but you can't be 'weak' around them even when you think you haven't been. 


They 'need' a strong man more than ever in history.  Are you going to 'be' that?


We're all here to connect with each other and add value not take away value or selfishly 'trick and seduce her' so if you know that you ARE a man who can give them what they desire (and have proven it in the past or read my book) then the only thing holding you back is this universal understanding and then getting through this invisible force field and everything else that cover.


I'm talking about solving basically all of your internal issues and confusion and ineffectiveness with women all with one swipe; that's about how powerful this information is.


In fact everything that has to do with relationships between both sexes in our modern society (and the world itself, for that matter) is covered and done within the context of the information in my

"Men's Guide to Women".


I go deeper into the psychology of this from the perspective of multiple realities (cue the science film reel) and universal truths where from there you will really feel why that is so important as well as her psychology and view of reality. 


When you are really congruent with what I am teaching you in this Guide, you will be at a level of sexual attraction and success with women that even the best seducers can hardly compare with once you start communicating with her. 


But it will all make perfect sense and your life will be balanced.  I am perhaps the bringer of balance to the force itself by being the messenger of knowledge on multiple platforms of sexual relations between men and women.


Remember, the seducers or PUA's; some of their stuff works primarily because she wants to be seduced or is ready for it, because she is getting quite repressed sexually waiting for real men who can show any sign of 'standing up to her'. 


You can be the real solution that she is looking for,


which will give her even greater inner emotional, sensual, psycho-sexual, pleasure and fulfillment.  And you can do this without all of the other drama that comes with her package; and I show you how to do this as well. 


Of course you don't have to be that good-looking either and I'll tell you why.


Women today view relationships differently.  She wants it to be natural and not 'forced' from a 'suitor' or 'courting' perspective.  When you do it naturally, THEN she can see if she likes you after time. 


I have at least 1,000 more little revelations of insight like this in the "Guide".


You will be a stronger man than ever that naturally knows how to succeed with women; especially when you realize that they are all pretty much the same anyways beneath it all and that you know how to connect with that part of them no matter how beautiful, glamorous or sexy they (supposedly) are. 


I believe this book is not only the single foundational context upon which everything else is trying to compare to, explains where our forced reality that helps sell the idea of sex, but it could single-handedly revolutionize any man's sexual and dating lifestyle permanently.


How much would that permanent change be worth to you? 


$20,000?  More?


You can do all kinds of self-help and exercises but if you don't have the 100% truth and global all-perspective knowledge of what's going on with women today, universally and your rightful manhood, and all of the other implications, you're not going to fully be unleashed as an uber-player. 


So here are just some of the empowering things you're going to learn in this paradigm/reality shifting world of getting the women you want:


-How she thinks you are like most every other guy until she sees, feels or knows a reason why you're obviously not


-The difference between men and women before the start of any relationship and how you always have the advantage over the long haul as well as success up front


-The lifelong lessons that we can learn from our grandparents generation that aren't schmaltzy


-Why our mothers really were right when they said "Be nice to her, date her, court her" but why that just doesn't work anymore with most strong, beautiful metropolitan women


-"The Rules" for Men


-How a beautiful strong, independent woman or model views herself and her world.  This is priceless information for you to know.


-Why a beautiful woman instantly has favor and sexual gravity wherever she goes and what qualities you must have as the opposite sex instead


-Social status tips from a nightclub promoter who can talk to any woman (me) or even celebrities and millionaires when I'm around them


-Sexual Currency; this is what continues to pervade the existence of this forced reality and has become an expected part of a beautiful woman's daily life and her reality


-Communicating naturally and sparking sexual chemistry


-The pervasive 'dating' model of our entire society: The 50/50 Model which you cannot escape unless you are aware of it


-Courting vs. 50/50 Dating vs. 'Seduction' vs. AMP and how they play out in the modern mating rituals with both types of women and what works and what doesn't with the women you want


-How to see the 'signs' or 'clues' that even though you can handle her short term for fun or sex that long term she may be a losing proposition that can oppress your manhood, nag, control your money, argue, bicker and potentially lead to a divorce and how you can use this to your advantage in the short term


-'Be the guy' who has the control in the relationship and have her be the one calling YOU


-How to be the charming man you really are without being seen as 'sensitive' 'nice guy' or 'wussy'


-The blessing and curse of independent, beautiful women and how you need to deal with it to be successful now and prevent disaster in the future


-What's inherently right and wrong about feminism (hear the shocking truth that will probably put me on Oprah) from a Universal perspective not just a traditionalist perspective


-How to have beautiful women come up and approach YOU because you're finally living life without a false sense of oppression or confusion


-Abolish confusion, oppression and stagnancy in your mindsets towards women and permanently liberate your life


-Welcome to your new reality and techniques on working towards a full understanding and congruency of living it (this is the most powerful thing you can do to always start things with women you'd want anywhere you go)


-Complete eradication of fear of beautiful women or approaching them (remember it stems from your new reality)


-Get women more consistently and of higher quality naturally just by understanding the great context of the modern day social dynamics between you and women and other men and women


-How to take your power back and reclaim your birthright as a man which you've always had by first understanding and then laughing at the invisible force that has held you back this whole time from REAL success with beautiful women. 


Run across the desert Simba, RUN

to your rightful place as King


-Biological, historical and societal evidence why it's OK for you to BE A MAN


-How to find a real wife that can fulfill your biological expectations for when you are ready


-How to prevent costly divorce, drama and nagging over the smallest things from your long term woman


-How you have a better chance with the hottest of the hot women (even if you aren't rich) once have the right state of mind and even just a few simple techniques


-How to live life in your ideal reality and get the women of your dreams that you deserve by being in complete, comfortable alignment with nature


-Several techniques for seeing the 'matrix' of your new reality and getting rid of your former ineffective self


-Knowledge to permanently disavow any previous recollection of 'Uncle Scar's' socially produced 'Forced Reality' paradigm any time in public or in view of media that has been hindering your massive success with beautiful women


-Our Modern Social Dynamics: Why women want to be a woman inside more than ever; AND WHAT TO AVOID (their drama) and how to avoid or handle it so you have the power


-Why even the BEST pick up artists and seducers are still limiting their success


The greatest breakthrough in success with women is so closer to both a man's and woman's inherent nature you will be slapping yourself and is founded on global understanding and perspectives taken from decades worth of cultural differentiation and a dozen other prime paradigms.





It was not until this profound breakthrough hit me could I really feel 100% comfortable with myself, who I am and how I view women-all women in the world without any compromise. 


Do you have that yet? 


Do you know the feeling of liberation it is? 


It's priceless just to 'feel it'.  And it is also very exciting to know of all of the wonderful 'interpersonal' relationships you can have with women in the future that will in themselves be priceless.  How much is that worth to you?


Do you want to put everything in it's rightful place for your and her happiness, or just continue on in ineffectiveness when you KNOW that women aren't satisfied with the way men are acting today?


This breakthrough is so strong and profound, I did not get any sleep that night as I talked aloud for nine hours straight.  When I finally sat down about two weeks later as it pent up in me more; I realized that I have a duty to get this out to men like you to change their lives as well. 


I did not even want to get into the dating world and that was never even my intention, because I am a Photoshop expert (and nightclub promoter) and that is my primary business online and I've been so busy with that.


This knowledge will further complete who you are as a man in your lifestyle and on earth.  Women are our other 'half' in a way and I will give you the knowledge to 'pull it all together' finally, that will 'fit' for both you and her in our modern social dating dynamics and unlimited opportunities. 


You will even view ALL other dating guru's and experts


in a different light; almost above them in a way.  This information is so powerful, that I can't allow you to reproduce it (copyright laws anyways).


Now I feel it is my obligation to get this out and give you this opportunity to see the world and women in a different light.  Once I finally started writing, I wrote for 10 days nonstop in order to get everything down and finish this in an e-book format.  I averaged working about 16 hours a day to get it all down. 


My fingers were so numb from typing I couldn't even use them so I had to buy a software program to transcribe what I was saying into type.  I really feel I have an obligation to the men of America to share this information, especially because it is more profound and more of a solution than just about any of the training out there on how to date or how to be successful with women.


This book single-handedly can solve

ALL of your issues with women


in having success when you become congruent with it's wisdom (which won't be hard at all).  Everything that you think and HOPE that it really is...it's more.  NO other 'dating' or success manual or program can even come close to claiming that. 


It's profoundly more and I've studied a lot of good material when it comes to this subject.  This is the context which beholds ALL of it; it is the base camp and it is the summit, all in one place on this subject.


As soon as I started writing, I realized that I better just do this all out so I can do this properly and give you and people like you the power to change your life forever when it comes to dealing with women. 


I wouldn't even use the word 'forever' (heck, she may be wanting to use that word with you), but it really is that profound.  It's cleared up an entire LIFETIME of confusion and has opened all the gates of opportunity. 


I'm changed permanently and even though I was good before (esp. with certain types of women), now is just uber-player.  How about you?


What are you going to miss out on if you don't even get a fraction of the information I cover?


Everything that I ever questioned or wondered about women in my entire life has been basically been answered by my universal insight (and 'aha' to the 10th power).  This is how profound this "Men's Guide to Women" is because it will change your perception if you so choose to accept it, permanently. 




It actually explains women better than

sometimes they themselves understand


 how they behave or why they behave the way they do.


To quickly show where I gained some of this wisdom that led to the discovery...

after having the rare experience of getting ALL different angles and their perceptions and viewing our entire society, our media, our movies, our music, our culture, feminists, views from other countries, fashion magazines, views from beautiful women and understanding their perception of validated reality; views from beautiful women friends of mine,


fallouts from beautiful women friends of mine, many ex girlfriends, relationships with dozens of women outside the U.S., viewing the Biblical and church perspective, viewing traditional relationships, viewing cross-cultural relationships, seeing other guy's lives destroyed, seeing my dad (whose name I will not release) divorced several times, seeing the divorce statistics and abundance of relationship advice that just doesn't work, the '40 year old virgin' movies success, knowing 40 year old virgins, 'Desperate Housewives',


communicating with one of the the world's uber-players, studying success with women and dating myself from the best yet (Dave D.), knowing an insanely sex guru from the army with stories you wouldn't believe, having intensive firsthand experience of the nightclub life as a worldwide nightclub promoter and photographer, being around beautiful women, seeing all types of different women react and respond, being rejected myself (before I understood), having dryspells worth of YEARS OF COMPOUND SUFFERING and confusion (and maybe you know what I mean) where I just didn't understand what the hell was wrong with American women (because I realized there wasn't anything wrong with ME (or YOU))


...after all of this and much more in a decade of staying single primarily because I wanted to figure it out and NOT get divorced 5 times or any times like my father...


and THEN having the breakthrough which caused me to write for 10 work days nonstop from the viewpoint of universal knowledge as well as personal perspective and putting my other business aside, I think your life will be permanently changed as well due to the unlimited value within 'The Guide'.


This is not a 'quick fix' covering of surface 'techniques' that are coming from fighting against her social persona.  This book deserves to literally change the face of how men view and treat women (without acting like jerks) in the United States. 


It is THE GUIDE.  And...


 these realities ARE going on right now and VERY real;


both of them.  It's all around and it's in the Paradox.  You can choose, yes CHOOSE which one you want to live in and accept.  I know where I'm at, are you in? 


Where you choose to be will have a profound impact on being successful with women.


I will not release this book to the general public or get a publisher for it because I want it to remain in the hands of people like you who know how valuable it is to them, otherwise it's inherent value will be diluted.  The information here is more valuable than just being mass produced and released. 


It's nature is so top-secret


because it contains the truth about where we came from, our modern social dynamics and why women are the way they are, why they are rejecting men and most importantly, how you can EASILY be successful with women literally ALL of the time and EVERYWHERE without hardly trying. 


Feminists may try to have a backlash but I don't care, I'll single-handedly stand up to any of them on national t.v. if necessary.  I will also be releasing the "DeWussufication of the American Man" shortly.


What a woman says and how she 'is' inside is often two very different things and I'll show you why in the Guide.


Here I want you to take a look at these Chapters to get more of an idea of what 's going to be covered in your 'Guide to Women.'


Here are all 66 Chapter Titles

of my 352 page "Men's Guide to Women"


The Great (Dating) Paradox
Your Greatest Breakthrough: Profound Universal Paradigm
Why Mom Was Right & What Went Wrong
Prehistory of Her Empowerment: Tradition
Feminism: Double-Edged Sword
What the Traditionalists are Missing
Sexual Revolution: A Flock of Seagulls?
Pedestal: The Pervasive Illusion of ‘Forced Reality’
Global Reality Check & Cultural Differentiation
What Dating Experts & Marriage Counselors are Missing
The Oppression of Modern Manhood
Sex Sells: Pussytrance & the Stripclub Project
The 40 Year Old Virgins
Paradox Outlets & The Russian Bride Trend
Denying Invisible Forced Reality & Your Oppression
Compound Regression & Reclaiming Back Years of Your Life
Opportunities of our Modern Social Dynamics
Redefining Dating for Your Lifestyle
Sex & the Modern Metro Woman
Similarities Between Average Girls & Models: Take Your Pick
Uber Player: AMP
NLP, Pick-up Lines & Techniques vs. Your New Reality
Your Secret Weapon: Indifference
Return to Blue Lagoon
Where have all the Cowboys Gone?
Drama Queen: How a Beautiful Woman or Model Thinks
Traditional vs. Independent Female Psychology
What Women Want
Being a Man & Her Take on “Nice Guys”
Down Boy!: Your Emotional Control & Anti-Drama Solvency
The Battle of Realities
Breaking Her Illusory ‘Weapons Grade’ Social Persona
The Importance of Action & Without Fear
Evasive Maneuver & Tactics
Stealing Her Frame
Fast Forward Power Technique
A Shark Tale: Your Greatest Leverage for Wisdom & Action
Money & Other Dynamics: A virtual non-issue
Shy guy? No Problems
Diamond Clarity: Leading the Direction
Natural Progression to Sex & Why You’re Already OK
Techniques for Further Internalization & Grounding
Interdependent Relations with Women Everywhere
International Player & Interracial Dating
Passion or Coincidence?
An Objective View of ‘Bitches’ & ‘Ho’s’ In Our Society
Pussy Control
With or Without Her: Love Song Lyrics & You
Sex, Lies and Videotape:
When Stars Collide
Long Term Relationship & Marriage Dynamics
Battle of the Sexes for a Reason
Taming of the Shrew?
50% Divorce Rate
Divorce Prevention
Center of your Universe
The Rules for Men
Becoming Congruent with your Own Reality
Empowering Incantations & Beliefs
Manifestations: Proof of your New Reality
Be Cool
Be Her Hero
A Whole New World
Social Butterfly
The World Is Yours: Recap




The Men's Guide to Women single-handedly will eradicate all of the confusion or doubts you had when it comes to dealing with women. 


Besides, this is the best of the best information that has ever come out in one single place on how to deal with women. 


I Guarantee it will COMPLETELY shift your

viewpoint on how you see society and women


in the past and in the future.  ALL in one place.  Not having to get months worth of other material from other sources to try and 'piece it all together' (like I had to do just as part of the actualization).


Rejection will almost become a non-issue, primarily because it will rarely happen anyways.


I'm going to dive right into hard-hitting paradigm shifting information so powerful it will rock your world.  And that's an understatement. 


Most men go through their entire lives never having the success with women that they know they deserve (and with the level of beauty they think they deserve) and 50% of them (in American here) end up in turmoil of divorce and lose time and lead miserable lives because of the very same thing I'm awakening and enlightening you to.


This information can really change your whole outlook on women (NO, IT WILL GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK) your lifestyle and even your future plans.  And it's definitely not about spending more money on women.


This information is so groundbreaking that just


breaks through all the B.S. fluff


and books that don't even come close to the Universal understanding of our modern day mating game. 


This information  may even alter American dating scenes if all American men knew what you're about to find out. 


Imagine the power it can give you to rock your world to rock their world (the women).  It's about how to 'rightfully' take your power back while still giving women what they really really want. 


You can have the power that you see the most successful men have and SOON.  Are you afraid of that power?  Has our modern day society and forced reality taught you to be 'afraid' of your own inherent power?  Are you skerred that a woman will say you shouldn't be who you really are?!


Enlighten thyself.  I can help you bring the alignment back that you never knew existed but will 'fit' everything into place. 


The most successful men with women?  They think very differently and now it's all about you having this power, knowledge and ability which means everything.


Remember you can have a greater strength & foundational reality than even the prettiest women in the world


(this is absolutely priceless, it really is); I have it now.  In fact what I teach you WIPES that whole point out completely and as long as you are congruent with what I teach you as I am, you can easily communicate with all sexy, hot or beautiful women naturally and take it from there (I tell you how).


I am a man that leads by example.  I've already got dozens of stories for you and even more stuff to come in the near future.  In case you're wondering, I've dated models, 'white girls', Hawaiian, Japanese, Indian, Italian, Thai, Danish, French, African-American, Russian, Brazilian, Ecuadorian, Mexican, Sri Lankan, Guyanese, Canadian, Bosnian, Singaporean, Chinese, Portuguese, Filipina, Polynesian, Malaysian and Indonesian women. 


AND THAT WAS BEFORE THE BREAKTHROUGH Now the game's over because it's just begun.  It's already won.  And as a customer, I'll let you in on inside and ongoing success stories that others won't be privy to.


What would this peace of mind just KNOWING and 'fitting' everything into it's natural order be worth to you? 


If you knew your whole adult life that

something just 'wasn't quite right'


when it came to dealing with women or how your success has been limited, and you want to EXPLODE your success based on the proper paradigm and principles then the only solution is my 'Men's Guide to Women' eBook. 


If I would have had this level of alignment and wisdom a decade ago, Uueeeee.  What can you do with it?  Or are you going to let things keep staying where they are at when it comes to dealing with women? 


Even just a small ounce of advice in this book can easily double your effectiveness in any area with women; there's 350 jam-packed pages of non-stop universal information that explains everything in our modern social dynamics and how to be successful.  There are literally 1,000's of insights.


The forced reality calls it 'getting lucky'

But you know better.


It may be the greatest single investment you ever make, because I know how important women, sex, and 'dating' is to you (because it is for me too); how can we deny it (especially in our society which promotes it so much)? 


The leverage in here is principally founded and so profound it can hardly be explained until you read the whole book.


You will have a level of power and choice with women that other men seem like mere mortals.  You don't have to 'use women' or play the game of 'pick up' or 'seduction' where you are trying to take something from her (and she knows it).


Yes you will have power and choice with women and it's up to you but I tell you not to abuse that power but use it for win/win situations.  You can really realign your entire adult life amongst a more global understanding and your fears of women can be completely eradicated.


You will be able to attract women on a level that other men can't comprehend.  This is seriously potent stuff and probably the greatest breakthrough in modern dating dynamics period...it does not get any grander than this. 


The knowledge you will have (with massive leverage) will allow you to clear away all confusion, be comfortable and extremely effective when it comes to attracting quality women and being a real natural, whether you just want sex or a higher quality of women in your life as potential girlfriends.


So let's wrap this up.  This information is so valuable I want to sell it for $97 $79

now only $47.  I'm giving you $50 off of the normal selling price for which I know I would still have plenty of happy customers and testimonials.  It's actual value is worth $997.


But at now only $47, it's the smallest price you'll pay probably to see the greatest return on investment EVER in your life.


Fortunately for you the PDF e-book format is not only easy to read and very legible, but you can download it and be reading it within minutes.


Remember that it's the information itself that is valuable.  This eBook isn't flimsy either.  It's 352 pages of mindstretching, wallbending power just waiting for you to use it...print it out if you want!  But don't blame me if you run out of ink!


Here's the thing..the 'Men's Guide' itself may single-handedly be the greatest ROI you'll ever experience in personal change and success with women, but I want to make your decision even easier....SO.. 


I want to 'give you an offer you can't refuse' (-The Godfather).


When you order TODAY you're GUARANTEED to also Receive

these valuable bonuses as well:


Bonus #1: Men's Guide Supplement #1 eBook (61 pages)

                                              $27 Value


          Chapters on:


                                  Gender Stereotyping

                                  Appeal of the Bad Boy

                                  Concept of 'Prince Charming'

                                  Chaos Theory & 'The Only One for Me'

                                  How Women are the Same

                                  Taming Your Emotional Response Upfront

                                  Nervousness & Controlling It

                                  How a Model Thinks

                                  Sunblind by her Beauty

                                  The 'Courtship' Approach .....and much more!



Bonus #2: Men's Guide Supplement #2 eBook (57 pages)

                                               $27 Value

          Chapters on:


                                 'Getting Chicks'                  

                                  What Men Want

                                  A Piece of the American Pie

                                  Love at First Sight?

                                  Difference between a Player & a Natural

                                  The Natural (Dating) Experience


                                  Being Congruent & Comfortable with Women

                                  Starting the Process of Sexual Attraction


                                  Do Opposites Attract?   ....and much more!



Bonus #3: Men's Guide Supplement #3 eBook (60 pages)

   $27 Value

          Chapters on:


                                  Be Selective

                                  What Women Want

                                  How Nice Guys Can Finish First

                                  Fear of Beautiful Women & How to Eliminate It


                                  How to Approach any Woman

                                  Getting a Girl's Phone Number

                                  When to Call a Woman

                                  Why She Doesn't Call you Back

                                  Sharing Your Feelings?

                                  Meeting & Being around Celebs, Actresses &


                                  Redefined Date & Dating    ....and much more!



That's 178 Pages of Additional Bonus Content

at an $81 value!!



Bonus #4:  Dewussification of the American Male eBook


I will deliver this one automatically to you when it is finished. 

It will be quite controversial yet importantly groundbreaking.




I want to make sure you get an overwhelming amount of value.  I want you to read and let me know how it's affecting you. 


There is no price that can be put on true success with (beautiful) women.  How much is this worth to you?


This is such a modest investment for the priceless returns


You will have a sense of calm and peace around the busiest queen bees when you internalize the 'Men's Guide'. 


This information WILL put everything back into natural alignment in your life when it comes to how you view your life and women (it's never been there in the first place because of the 'forced reality'...you're not aware of it). 


It will center your view of reality and give you much more strength and lack of confusion as a man and multiply your ability to attract (and keep) beautiful women in your lifestyle.  


This information applied to your life will 'feel' no less than $1 million. 


No other resource can come close to even saying that.  This is the PURE, natural explanation of EVERYTHING that is going on (including seduction, hypnosis, pick up, wussiness, gold-diggers, players, etc.) and that's just a part of the power you'll have.


Here's my Guarantee.  I think that you will find this information so valuable that it would still be worth it at 10 times your investment.



GUARANTEE:  If this information does not COMPLETELY change your outlook and view on women and dating (and even marriage) then first you better re-read it and after you re-read (because it's so profound!); if you don't think this information gives you the power to be more successful than ever before with women.


then I will refund you your purchase price 100% 


YES, a refund guarantee on an eBook which is RARE to see anywhere online. 


That is how confident I know The Truth will add profound value and change to your lifestyle and success with women.  I know that a few guys out there will eventually try to take me up on it and 'scam' a refund, and that's up to them.  If they're going to be 'cheap' like that, and try to 'get away' with this life changing value for nothing, then something may unknowingly hinder their success. 


I believe a little bit in the idea of karma.  I've noticed equal and opposite reactions if I'm just too cocky about something it will come back against me somehow.  I've also noticed that since I stood up for an Indian guy dancing in a club against a huge bouncer who was harassing him, that I have this belief that all Indian women want me (preexisting condition) and that just seems to keep manifesting itself...maybe they know something karmic. 


Anyways.  If you read it and feel the value just isn't worth it, then I'll give you a refund but I know that once you see the powerful light and your success starts to happen with women BEFORE you even get out there again, then you will probably think you got away with the deal of the century.  When your success starts skyrocketing just don't think of me when you're kissing your women.

 100%  60 DAY Money Back Guarantee


I had a chance to skim your book, and it has me intriguedA lot of books I actually skim and just decide that they are regurgitated info from our site, other methods, etc...


..I was impressed by the global perspective in particular...I'm curious how you came to have this global perspective (I probably missed that while skimming).


                                             -Rey, FastSeduction.com


Click here for more testimonials


So there you go.  You've got the money back guarantee and the valuable bonuses worth at least $81. 


Just reading any single chapter in the 'Guide' you will probably feel that there is no other information on this breakthrough level. 


I want you to experience the level of awakening and success that I have with women in my lifestyle.  Customer's will receive special access to the stories I choose to reveal which I won't let anyone else here (unless you buy me a drink at a club).


Included in one of your bonuses is how I picked up a girl in less than 15 seconds when she came to me out of the blue at a club.  What kind of lifestyle do you want to lead? 


Is it time to take your power back? 


How about discovering effectiveness that can surpass most pick up artists? 


How about adding those skills on top of this?  Wow.


Do you KNOW that you're a great catch and deserve the awesome lively, priceless experiences you want with women who desire you?  Then order today.





Remember, this is the foundational grounding that can and will also extend through decades of your life if you want it to (including engagement and marriage) but will also allow you to see immediate results with women. 


It is your new paradigm shift and new reality.  I will help reinforce your view of your new reality so that it becomes you and deeply internalized (through future products and re-reading this eBook and the emails I send out). 


What you choose to use from the book is yours; it is a smorgasbord of information, but I think you will want to use about all of it! 


It's important that you understand that you will immediately get access to the download where I start off with the great paradox of our modern dating society, and then I will educate you on the greatest paradigm shift you may ever have in your life. 


This ebook (and bonuses if available) will


Break you Free of all Previous Confusion,


unanswered questions, and set you ahead of any other competition anyways when it comes to dealing with women, meeting and leading the relationship in the right direction (of course I cover the 3 main relationship styles and their VAST differences).


Make sure that you have read over the 66 different chapter titles as I think this will give you a great insight into the flow and format of your "Guide to Women".


When you really internalize the information in this book and realize you're new reality ANYTHING you say to beautiful women can work because you're shifting the sexual gravity in your favor with the leverage that continues to work against almost all other men.


You can completely and naturally bypass her defenses


and social persona in many cases without rejection at all (and I show you how to 'handle it'). 


You will even be able to laugh at how society perpetuates the 'forced reality', how everyone else is stuck in it, where women are coming from, etc. and you're completely ABOVE IT.  You're not a part of that when it comes to dealing with women.  You're just happy it's there because they always look they're best for you. 


When you see the 'light' you will have beautiful women in abundance dressed up to meet YOU, looking damn fine and actually snicker at how no one else can be successful when it's so clear to you that you can take your pick if you want because you're not nervous in the least.  Anything they can throw at you, you can brush off without having to have a hardball social person yourself.




You will have a level of attraction and power with women


that will intrigue them and force them to respond to you without having to feel that they are being seduced or tricked; and you will always be holding the power.


Beautiful women want a smart, good looking charming guy like you but the "Forced Reality" has been holding you back.  Don't YOU deserve to be with the 9's and 10's instead of those other guys (especially when you know you have more to offer her).


Remember this is 352 pages; that is HUGE.  There are 66 chapters and you just have to read the titles over again or just get the book because there's too much to even start to explain here that closes the circle. 


From 'Sex Sells' to 'Bitches & Ho's: An Objective Look' to 'Divorce Prevention' to 'A Shark Tale: Your Greatest Leverage for Wisdom & Action' (this alone will change your entire perception around and empower you like nothing else), to 'Denying Forced Reality and your Oppression' you're not going to be able to sit still as you will be transformed from within and you begin to bring into focus an underlying paradigm and reality that has always been there which is more powerful and natural than the forced reality with it's 'seduction tricks and techniques'.


Your ability to have an unfair advantage when it comes to women is awaiting you.  How about all of those years of compound regression that have stored up?  Those times when you went home alone from the bar or club? 


It's up to you to make the change and soon to


regain back lost years of your life with sexy women


or all those years of ineffectiveness, frustration or compound anguish.  You can live how you want to live and be on a level that is above 'players' or 'seducers'.  There's too many variables that can go wrong with that stuff, but with my 'Guide' you will be set. 


Call it what you want, the 'matrix', the 'force' but your life will be aligned properly AS A MAN and this alone is worth 100X the price of the book. 


Remember, if you DON'T take action now you're going to immediately be sucked back in to the pervasive 'Forced Reality' as soon as you turn on the T.V. or go out in public GUARANTEED. 


It's inescapable, it really is UNLESS (unless you leave this country) or you can see the underlying universal paradigm and reality that gives you the power and can have women under your spell (instead of the other way around).



The next time you see a beautiful

woman and start feeling butterflies


either you didn't get the book, or you didn't finish it.  When you internalize and easily become congruent with your new reality you can 'see' what's going on in pop culture and bypass all of that illusory B.S. and not be thrown off by even the hottest women. 


And you'll know how to deal with them naturally and keep it all under your control, with them wanting to be around you.  Hey, you can be your own rockstar.  Is that a guarantee? 


Hey, it's up to you to make use of this information, but since it really is the most groundbreaking knowledge ever in the field of success with women, you'll still be more successful than ever if you use it.


It will be YOUR turn to make women tremble and quiver just by your presence.


You will see and BELIEVE that beautiful women are finally just your equals at 'BEST'.  There's a lot of interdependent fun and value that you can share with each woman you're with (hey, I didn't want to put the rated X version in). 


So get it started!  The MOST successful guys with women live in a different reality than everyone else.  This IS that reality and you can make it yours and mold it to your life and your future women.


Order Today!  And let me know if you have any questions. 


You deserve to understand what is going on without don't let anyone hold you back from improving your life and lifestyle (especially what 'society' says).  Every man in America should read this book (single or married) and none of us are losers.  What can this do for you?!





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If you don't see 'The Light' or 'Awakening' after you read the entire book, then let me know for a full refund.  This should be close to the greatest ROI you'll ever get on anything in your life and with all of the insight, rejection itself may not even be in your vocabulary anymore.


This is the real deal and the 'forced reality' is so pervasive you will be back in it the second you step out your door or turn on the t.v. 


Don't continue like the average confused American man who will continue to be endlessly frustrated, LIBERATE YOURSELF TODAY


All the years of ineffectiveness with women (even above average ones) can the exact parallel OPPOSITE level of your new success with them once you align yourself properly and understand exactly what is going on and how to 'be' so you can now attract them naturally, easily because of the rediscovered power you now have.


Your mentor,



Rion Williams






p.s. I would love to hear your initial response after reading the book if you want to send it to me.  And then I will set up a success stories standard in which you can tell me how things have changed specifically that I'll share with my other email readers.


p.p.s. You can be the man that gives her the fulfillment she has been desiring even without having to be rich or that good-looking and I explain the angles on this as well in detail.  Take a look at the Chapters again right here.


p.p.p.s. How will it feel to KNOW that you have a power greater than her perceived beauty or status and that you are grounded as a man in your life and will inevitably attract the women you've always desired who will now want you? 


Don't wait any longer to start now and you'll also receive all of the bonuses which I can't guarantee I'll keep offering them (178 BONUS Pages of valuable content) and...the


"DeWussification of the American Man" when it is completed Free of Charge.






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